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This Album Has Been "Rated O"

What can I tell you? Part Two of the Thank Your Parents trilogy is a triple album. I’ve found this information to be confusing to most people and I think the reason for this is a general fatigue for all things Oneida (coming out of my mouth). Now perhaps you’ll think I’m pushing the envelope by daring to suggest that I’m boring you – and I’ll be the first to agree. I’m cutting edge. I know that I’m putting you to sleep and yet I still prattle on about nothing at all!

It’s like the famous review of the Melvins that I’m making up right now, “It was like falling asleep on the barrel of an anti-aircraft gun.” I say this and YET I love the Melvins. Can you keep up?

First: Rated O is Oneida’s next album. It’s a triple album – 3 CDs or 3 LPs – your choice! It is coming out in July and we will be doing a few shows in the US and Europe to celebrate in July and August (of 2009).

Second: We’ve made some recordings of our two “Practice Space” Shows – they sounds sweet and we’re gonna do something with them so you can hear them. No idea when that will happen.

Third: There is an uptick of activity over at Brah Records so you oughta go check that out as well.

We have also just completed a remix of the Constantines’ song “Trans Canada” from their latest joint “Kensington Heights.” I’m not sure where that is and I’m not about to google map it.

I encourage you to contact us with any questions and concerns. . .

Your Brah – Kid Millions