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New Stuff 2010 - Thank You - I'm Tired

There’s a new Oneida release out now – it’s a split LP with Pterodactyl out on Altin Village & Mine. . .you can purchase here

Our two jams have been described as “experimental drones” – well – I’m not so sure. . .welcome to the new O. . .love it, hate it. . .not sure we care.

We’re playing a number of shows this spring and summer. . .whether they get updated here or not isn’t for me to say right now. . .just trying to keep my head above water. Thanks for checking in!

For people who just can’t get enough Oneida related items. . .I recommend that you check out the People of the North vinyl only release “Deep Tissue.” This features Bobby, Kid and Showtime. . .ripping 4 epic jams. Ladies seem to like the 2nd song on the album a lot. Not sure why. . .but they do.

Oneida has finished our new album – it’s called Absolute II and will be released soon-ish. . .it contains more “experimental drones” and will probably disappoint some people. I know I’m disappointed!

Thanks for keeping your head in the game!