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A List of the Burning Mountains

If Absolute II was indeed “like hearing the Doors without Jim Morrison*” on account of its not featuring any drumming, consider LOBM our “Ghost Song”.

We’d like to thank Mike Bonello for paddling us out in the lake with his bass, Colin Marston for his skill, Dan Schechter for his vision, Jagjaguwar for their support, and Tony Balko for being a soldier.

Seriously big thanks are also due to SR Palm, robotdeathcult, Matt Marlin, Brock Monroe, Barry London, Andrew Deutsch, Maya Hayuk, and Christy Edwards for helping folks understand. More about the contributions of these fine visual artists later! The O has some treats in store.

Europe: the O is gonna swing by. More on that later.

Happy Twelfth Album! We hope you enjoy it,
The O

*you can’t make this stuff up.